Take your online support to the next level. Step in when help is needed, remote control website visitors on the fly without downloads.

The simplest way to Screenshare with Customers

With the Co-Browse, Chatvisor makes remote control & screen sharing easier than ever before. By removing limitations like necessary downloads, the barrier for customers decreases substantially. All that’s needed is the implementation of a java script snippet. You can use this screen sharing technology for a variety of use cases. Advising customers on your website to find the right product, help them complete a certain process to drive sales/conversions or allowing them to share their screen with friends while browsing your site.

LiveChat & Core Aspects

Since screen sharing alone isn't too much fun, we developed the Chatvisor LiveChat, which we optimized for combining it with Co-Browse. This means, one snippet for your homepage – two features. The summarize, here the core aspects of BrowsXP.

Live Chat

Customer Support

Give customers direct, first hand support. Better support leads to more loyal customers, which leads to more website conversions.



BrowsXP adds live-monitoring and customer journey heatmapping. Also, support interactions can be saved for reproduction.



Screen sharing isn’t just for customer support purposes. Allow customers when browsing your site to share their screens with themselves.


  • 360 customer journey icon
    360° Digitale User Journey

    Add BrowsXP to your online channel portfolio to provide the ideal way to support customers quickly and effectively on how to use your online services.

  • conversion icon
    Website Conversion

    Help visitors finding what they want, turn them more likely into buyers.

  • abandonment icon
    Reduced Abandonment Rates

    Connect with customers who are about to abandon the checkout process.

  • sales icon
    New Sales Opportunities

    When advising a customer, you’ll get chances to up- and cross sell.

  • loyalty icon
    Customer Loyalty

    Providing great support will generate loyal customers, which revisit you.

  • download icon
    No Download

    All web-based. Website visitors need no client software, are ready to go.

  • integrated icon
    Easily integrated

    BrowsXP can be fully integrated through JavaScript snippet.

Now take your customer support to the next level – start using Chatvisor Co-Browse! Request your demo today.

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